A proper design education

Alongside the commercial design practice, Studio Walden offers design education to students and professionals, based on practical application guided by theory and experience. To date, Studio Walden has hosted a range of interns from high school to degree level and continually provides mentorship for creative practitioners around Cumbria.

Vincent is also an associate teaching support at the University of Cumbria, Institute of the Arts, supporting students from the same beloved course that he studied upon—committed to a proper design education.

A hands-on approach, teaching students have to approach branding design in a holistic manner. Encompassing logo design, colour palettes, typography and brand consistency.

Developed through Studio Walden’s professional practice as an established design studio producing national branding projects, this can be scaled from the absolute basics to an advanced understanding for more developed teams.

Teaching everything that involves letterforms; hierarchy, structure, application and technical terms.

If you or your business are in need of a deeper understanding of typography, Studio Walden has a keen eye for all things type.

There is truly no better way of drastically improving your own practice as a designer than learning it’s history, it’s heroes and the theory behind it all.

Delivered as a series of presentations or in-person lectures, this topic is great for large teams looking for a primer to develop a deeper understanding of the craft—though it can be tailored to individuals on request.

A practical-lead approach to UX & UI design—taught with examples, theory analysis, challenges and open critique.

This is a primer into UX Design principles suitable for beginners looking to kickstart their understanding of User Experience and User Interface design.

Though I’m no Tim Cook, supply me with a projector and an audience and I will happily speak at length on the topic of design—recent presentations include guidance on running a sustainable business with the BPIC through the British Library.

Mentoring is a key proponant of Studio Walden’s professional practice, helping guide those who are struggling to find their footing in the industry and subject. This is offered in both chargeable and free-of-charge packages, dependant on the individual’s needs and access.*

*Free support is offered to those with disabilities, accessibility requirements or financial hardship.

Internships are often to current studying students for up to two weeks at a time. There is no upper age on this, if you’re looking for time with a professional studio, the door is open (dependant on availability).

“…this is a true testament to the enrichment that visiting artists can provide within an educational setting, to inspire and influence students. Thank you so much for coming in and taking the time to work with our students!”

Miss H Cotton – Head of Art, Design and Technology

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