Forces Link

The passion project that supports ex-service members and their families

A brand to connect and uplift ex-service members and their families
Year: 2022
Client: Forces Link
The project that kick started Studio Walden’s commitment to providing work free-of-charge for causes greater than himself. Forces Link provides support and community to ex-service members and their families through activities, conversation and engagement—developed to reflect the person from the forces rather than the force itself, it’s an identity that I’m proud to see so many people stand behind.

Starting in early 2022, Studio Walden began it’s commitment to offer two projects annual to causes that deserved support without ever delivering an invoice—Forces Link was the project that spearheaded the idea and continues to enforce this concept and the other opportunities it has provided.

Inspired by British military colour coding and iconography, the branding was created to feel familiar to it’s audience whilst placing the individual within the brand rather than the organisation. Though I’m certainly no proponent of any military, supporting those who need help recovering from trauma or strife will always be important to me and I’m proud to see the help Forces Link provides to Cumbria’s ex-service community.