Tarras Valley Nature Reserve

A landscape inspired brand for the largest public buyout of it's kind

The Tarras Valley Nature Reserve is a landmark case in private-to-public ownership, with over £3 million in funding and 10,000 acres in land it’s set to reinvigorate the post-industrial economy of Langholm, Scotland.
Year: 2023
Client: The Langholm Initiative
Starting in early 2021, Studio Walden was approached to create a harmonious and new identity for this nature reserve, changing perceptions of not just the reserve but all the local understanding of the area. The brand had to feel of the community yet distinctly new, not an easy task for any project.

Surrounding Langholm is an impressive range of lower fells, making it – in opinion at least – a micro-Lake District filled with homegrown bike trails, wild camping spots and enough wilderness to shake more than several sticks at. Having previously been home to a large industrial past, the area has since become overlooked and was in need of revitalisation.

Using the landscape of the actual Tarras Valley, the logo is crafted around the sun rising over the Tarras valley with the Tarras river running through the centre—all forming a natural shape, inspired by a flower bud.

This brand has now been rolled out through their national media cover, vehicles, uniform and local promotion.