Our world has a serious pollution issue, so what could one studio possibly do to change this?

With black sails of smoke marauding our skies on a daily basis, it’s a fair question to ask how one boy with a green ambition could possibly make impact enough to change the status-quo.

Yvon Chouinard once said “Every one of us has to step up and do what you can, according to what your resources are” defining the role we all have to play in solving the problem that is human consumption. It outlines that we should all take responsibility to change what we can.

Yvon, owner of multiple big names in the outdoor scene; Patagonia and Black Diamond Equipment, is clearly a much more wealthy and influential man than myself. But whereas he – and his businesses – can be instrumental in having large environmental impacts such as the removal of retired dams in America, I can play my part by being conscious of the damage that my income, lifestyle and business can create.

As a designer, this is particularly poignant. I supply my community with their business cards, leaflets, posters and signs. I make the websites that drive their commerce and I layout the advertisements that builds their market. This makes it my responsibility to educate and instigate conscious and sustainable options to catalyse a change, both locally and further afield.

“Every one of us has to step up and do what you can, according to what your resources are.”

Yvon Chouinard

Every little helps

It wouldn’t be out of the realm of sensibility to suggest that Tesco’s famous tagline could attach to just about any cause, but it’s pretty useful in this case. As quoted before Yvon suggested we should all take the action that we can, with the resources available to us. So for myself, that is providing a vehicle to instigate small changes in local businesses through better trading practices, eventually developing a meaningful and lasting change.

Climate change will not be stopped because I provided the option for recycled paper to a local charity and we won’t keep our polar ice year through because I sent out a product with carbon-offset delivery—but it’s better than doing nothing at all. Just realising the impact we each make and deciding to actively reduce it, is the biggest change we can make at an individual level.

Awareness, education and choice are the three main staples of this business. To provide these to my local community, I hope to inspire a new-found understanding of care, possibly influencing how people consume on a personal and business level.

What are the options?

At a personal level, there are many things we can all do, and that I try to actively promote in my day-to-day. Big winners are; cycle commuting, using renewable energy providers and recycling avidly.

But as a business, you have the best chance to make the bigger impact, through awareness and care. Popular choices include; carbon offsetting, restriction of unnecessary travel, funding ecological projects and encouragement at an employee level of the previous options listed above.

It can be a confusing place, understanding how your footprint effects our environment but I’m here to help, in any way I can. Studio Walden prides itself not only on providing eco-friendly and sustainable products to Cumbria and beyond, but also supplying education and mentoring for more proactive ways to live ‘green’.

If you’d like some free information about green practices that you or your business can follow, or even a top-to-bottom overhaul in favour of a more sustainable business practice—don’t hesitate to get in touch.